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Pep Guardiola furious after 1-0 defeat at Anfield

Ivory Coast Captain Yaya Toure reveals how furious was Pep Guardiola following the 1-0 defeat at Anfield by Liverpool.

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola

Yaya Toure told papers that Pep Guardiola was furious after Manchester City’s latest title setback against Liverpool.

“Of course he is going to be angry. He is a manager who can be angry,” Toure said.

“Of course we knew Liverpool would be waiting when we lost the ball, and they did that to score, so he will be angry for everything that is happening.

“We are not going to be perfect. There are times when we won’t take opportunities, but we can take opportunities from this too. We have to improve sometimes and react to situations.

“When you lose games, what do you have to do? You are disappointed and you want to bounce back. Chelsea have one game a week but it is going to be very tight, with so many teams involved at the top.

“We don’t want to let the gap grow much more between us and Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham, so we have to react. We will use it. We are not going to give up. We will go to the end.”

“Everything is possible in football. We have to believe. If we want to have a chance of winning the title, then we have to win most of the games and we have to put a run together.

“We are keeping positive because we have a lot of experience in this team. In 2014, we had a very good run after the new year; we won nearly all the games. Of course it is going to be very tough but we have the team, we have the squad to do something.”


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