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South Africa to launch its very own T20 domestic competition

Cricket South Africa (CSA) to launch its very own local or domestic Twenty-20 cricket competition this summer following huge interest from the markets. The competition is going to be outsourced and will be privately owned.

Cricket South Africa (CSA) to launch its T20

The initial announcement of its formation by Cricket South Africa (CSA) in February revealed that it will be played in the final quarter of the year and franchises will all be privately-owned, with that news trailed by plenty of interest from around the world.

By the early March deadline, there were more than 150 expressions of interest in its team ownership process, with significant curiosity from both South African and international parties. To be more precise, the majority of interest unsurprisingly emanated from South Africa (39%) and India (35%), while the GDL also caught the attention of potential suitors from the United Kingdom, the United States and the United Arab Emirates. Ten countries in total registered interest.

” The T20 Global League is a significant step for Cricket South Africa and indeed fans of the game in the country ”

CSA Chief Executive, Haroon Lorgat, said. “Early feedback from the marketplace suggests that there is tremendous interest in this new venture from around the globe and the expression of interest showed precisely that. “We have taken our time and worked hard to reach the point where we are now ready to play in the global T20 arena. We are confident it will be a huge hit.


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