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Villar re-elected president of the Spanish federation

Angel Maria Villar was re-elected for four years president of the Spanish federation, lack of rivals. He has held this position for nearly 30 years.

Angel Maria Villar was re-elected for four years president of the Spanish federation

Angel Maria Villar, 67, was re-elected for four years as head of the Spanish football federation on Monday. The Spanish leader received 112 votes for, 11 white votes and 6 no votes, detailed the Spanish institution on its website.

Spain’s big boss of football since 1988, Angel Maria Villar is also vice-president of UEFA and FIFA. He was the only candidate to introduce himself.

Nevertheless, a controversy erupted around this election because Jorge Pérez, ex-right-hand man of Angel Maria Villar , initially candidate for the post, finally refused to submit his candidacy, denouncing possible irregularities in the management of the postal vote used To elect the members of the assembly of the federation who then elect the president of the Spanish football body.

Jorge Pérez filed an appeal with the Spanish Administrative Court of Sport, which has not yet indicated the date of the decision following the appeal. Former player of the Athletic Bilabo and of the Spanish selection, Angel Maria Villar is in open conflict with the Spanish League boss, Javier Tebas, describing it as “a feudal lord” in reference to its longevity.

A time candidate for the presidency of the UEFA, Villar had finally renounced this position to devote himself to Spanish football. He had experienced problems with the internal justice of FIFA, accusing him of not having collaborated on the investigation for the award of the World Cups 2018 and 2022.


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