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Wenger’s future to be decided at board meeting

Arsene Wenger is out of contract at Arsenal, but believes he is still the right man for the job as the board prepares for the big decision on Tuesday.

Wenger’s future to be decided at board meeting on Tuesday

The Frenchman has been at the helm since 1996, but his tenure with the Gunners is looking less certain than ever before amid growing fan frustration and his expired deal.

Although the Gunners have not won the Premier League title since 2004, last Saturday’s FA Cup victory over Chelsea is, according to Wenger, one of the reasons they should keep him on.

“I’ve played until the end of my contract, which is today basically,” Wenger said. “I think I have shown you that I have exactly the same commitment.

“For me, the contract does not have special meaning but, because of the debate, maybe I should have sorted that out earlier.”

Wenger also insisted that the fans calling for his head are in the minority, and doesn’t think their opinions should influence the board’s decision.

“I meet many Arsenal fans who are absolutely fantastic. It was maybe one per cent. 99% of our fans are absolutely fantastic. That’s why I said it’s not about popularity, it’s about consequence.

“It’s the board who has to decide who will lead the club in the future. It’s for me afterwards to decide, if they want me, whether it’s yes or no.”

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