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Sergey Karjakin wins World Blitz chess championship

Sergey Karjakin has turned the tables on rival grandmaster Magnus Carlsen, winning the World Blitz chess championship in Doha, Qatar.

The Karjakin-Carlsen standoff in the Qatari capital was as closely matched as the one in New York in November. The Russian scored 16.5 points from 21 rounds of the fast-paced form of the game, and so did the Norwegian. But the first place went to Karjakin on tie-break.

A similar tie-break settled the third place, among the three contenders with 14.5 points each. Russian Daniil Dubov placed third, ahead of American Hikaru Nakamura and 2015 champion Alexander Grischuk.

Blitz chess limits the time each player has to three minutes and an additional two seconds per move, forcing a very rapid pace in a game typically lasting hours under regular rules.

Karjakin’s world title in blitz chess is the first in his career while Carlsen has held it twice before – in 2009 and in 2014.

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